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The history of our school
 The beginning
The building of our school on Starowiejska Street, a bit overwhelmed by newer blocks of flats, has grown strongly into the centre of Rumia. For most citizens it has been here “for ever”, although some of them got used to calling it “the five”.
This imposing edifice appeared soon after the historical event, which was the obtaining the city rights by Rumia (for the record: Rumia became a city on 7th Oct 1954).
Just at the beginning of 1956 the first school bell went off in this building. Hovewer, as the institution, this high school is five years older than the city and for the first students is assiociated with the building of the present primary school nr 4, which had much poorer appearance, especially that time.

Let’s reverse a few year more to the past. At the ocupation time this primary school building was used for productive reasons of Luftwaffe. However, after the hostilities in 1945 it appeared, that apart from a huge devastation of the insides, that was the only building appropriate for teaching. And so, aside, among the Janowo fields and a barren landscape, having a corn warehouse as the only neighbour, children at the school age, gathered there from Rumia, Zagórze and Janowo. Those from Biała Rzeka (The White River) were directed to Reda.
In the city of 10.000 citizens there was a school with more than 1000 students, and in clasrooms there were crowded about 50 to 60 people.
After school renovations in Zagórze and the rebuilding of the school in Stara Rumia (The Old Rumia), in Janowo you could find more space and in a school year of 1948 to 1949 a tiny 18-student class was made. It was the eighth higher level programme with English and French. But, after graduation, students had to search for the opportunity to continue their education in different secondary schools. Next year the new class was made with 39 students and that was the beginning of our high school.
That time the headmasters and the teachers often changed. Nevertheless, there were some teachers who remained in the first students’ memory, such as Olga Śliwa (Polish), Janina Sierzputowska (Drawing, Polish), Zofia Ostrowska (English), Anna Gasińska (Russian), Stefan Kilichowski (History), Krystyna Haupianka ( Geography), Aleksandra Drozdowska (Chemistry), the priest Feliks Cieplik (Religion).
Apart from the harsh political situation, English was still taught and from time to time Latin. Later Religion lessons were moved to the church. There also were problems with Phisical Education bacause of lack of space for games and gymnastic. Despite of these inconveniences the chess matches were played and the real boxing match was conducted among one of the class and the rest of the school. They couldn’t imagine that school without their large choire, various student organisations or different annual festivities. 

 In the new building

Since 1954 on Starowiejska Street the new building had been built. Initially the city authority hesitated to create a new primary school or a high school so eventually there were both at the same building.
In 1961 there were new classes made because of the small distance to the railway station and more train connections with other cities such as Gdynia or Wejherowo.

 New times
Teaching programmes, exam rules, note names and subjects have been changing lately. Russian has been supplanted by German, Technical subjects by Information Technology. The number of students has dubbled, and the number of graduates has grown. Most young people live in Rumia, the city is developing so we don’t complain on lack of students.
Almost 2400 people have graduated from our high school for the past 50 years. With a great joy and pride we accept the news of as well as the professional or private successes of our former students. It’s like a huge family…  

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